As you walk through our facility at TrueDie, you can see—and feel—the pride of the Toolmakers and team members. We’re family. We’re friends. And we are committed to protecting the atmosphere in our company that drives our commitment to excellence. With more than 100 years of experience under our belt, we take tool-making seriously. It’s not only what we do—it’s what we love to do. This passion pours over into our work: we serve our customers with confidence, providing craftsmanship and customer service that is unmatched in the industry.

The future of the tool trade is in the hands of our Toolmakers. At TrueDie, our Toolmakers are equipped with leading machine tool technology and the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skill sets. Our 12,000-sq-foot facility is made up of five CNC vertical machining centers, five CNC turning centers, four wire EDM machines, we also have both 5 axis milling and turning machines, along with exceptional engineering capabilities. We even have a 3-ton crane system—so let us do the heavy lifting.

As the tool trade continues to change and evolve, exceeding customers’ needs remain constant. We enjoy building a collaborative relationship with our customers and are welcoming new partners every day. Let us show you what we love to do.


True Die builds and assembles new Progressive Stamping Dies. An extensive background of knowledge and experience helps us innovate and create new solutions for our customers.


We hold extremely tight tolerances on the tools we produce. Each tool made at True Die is laser etched with our customer’s detailed information as well as our own name—signifying the pride and craftsmanship that went into building. Our shop is setup to maximize the efficiency of our equipment so we can produce competitivly. Our tools are made with the highest level of quality and craftsmanship – Always. Our customers appreciate our attention to detail and our on time delivery performance. We have lived the application, so we strive to assist our customers inimproving the life of their tooling by working with them closely on designs.


At True Die we proudly specialize in Hard Turning and Hard Milling. Common materials we work with include CPM 3/9/10V, M4, and Carbide. Most everything we build requires machining after the heat treating process. We Hard Machine our tools up to 64 Rockwell.


Deep Drawing is a highly specialized form of stamping where the blank/part is formed and transferred independently of the material strip. Deep Draw tools are mostly round and the biggest advantage over traditional progressive style stamping die is savings in material content. For smaller parts, a new tool can often be built for less than a traditional die.


Using a proprietary process, we build carbide draw dies in house. Our dies are finish polished to CAD data so they are production ready when they leave our facility. This approach eliminates the need for Production Toolmakers to spend time hand finishing draw radii, and it drastically improves the repeatability of the production process.



At True Die we believe that investing in technology and education will help us create higher efficiency systems and streamline the machining process. Our first ROMI D100AP Vertical Machining Center driven by Siemens©Sinumerik 828D control and drives package exemplifies this ideal.

The integrated system features high-speed drilling, integrated cooling, and refined controls for mold-cutting velocity, accuracy, and surface quality, while at the same time minimizing the time it takes to cut a part. Please check out our “Toolpaths to Success” Manufacturing News article and Siemens video for more information.

We use Esprit, Mastercam, Solid Edge, and SolidWorks CAD/CAM software for design and programming. Our team is constantly pushing the limits of what can be done. Our passion for precision, combined with leveraging technology and continuing education are fundamental to our success.


TrueDie proudly offers a state-certified apprenticeship program to the next generation of Toolmakers. TrueDie believes that education empowers the individual as well as contributes to the sustainability of the trade.

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