We chose the name True Die to honor the life of my Grandfather, Curtis H Brown. Before Co-Founding Metal Flow Corporation with my Father Marc in 1978, he owned a small Die Shop on 8 Mile Road in Detroit where he built Carbide Draw Dies for the Deep Drawn Stamping Industry.

Carbide lies at the heart of the Deep Drawing process. When drawing metal, material must flow smoothly over the Die radius without stretching or breaking. Diamond is used in ID grinding, radius forming and polishing to achieve the extremely tight tolerances and mirror finishes that are required. This meticulous and highly precise work is considered to be the art of the trade. Many believe Deep Drawing is more of an art than a science.

In my lifetime I have been fortunate to work with some of the best in the industry. I am humbled and very grateful for everything they taught me. At True Die, we are deeply rooted in the Tooling and Metal Forming Industries. Many of us have Fathers and Grandfathers that were a part of our journeys. We hold a core belief in developing the next generation of Toolmakers. It is our responsibility to pass on what was given to us so that the trade and American Manufacturing remains vibrant for years to come.

My Grandfather’s respect for the talent of those who make tools and draw metal was fundamental. His commitment to the pursuit of excellence, and his dedication to the principle of craftsmanship are the foundation we build on today. True Die was named in honor of Curt’s contribution to the industry we serve and the values he lived by. We chose to add the “e” on to his spelling of TRU to serve as a reminder of the timeless principles that both root us and guide us forward.



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